Sunday, 28 February 2010

Tour Challenge - part 3

Well, interesting rugby this weekend....England losing to Ireland, and shocker for Italy beating Scotland - so only France on track to win it all....still mad we didnt beat them on Friday night.

Not long to go now before the trip to Ireland, and so here are 2 more quick and easy Tour Challenges to get you in the mood...

Swing your pants - Animated dancing - at the appropriate moment of course - so far, no one has won this challenge, although I think I made quite a good attempt at it in a bar in Edinburgh, which led to me winning the next challange of Get the Pub to Sing...

I came across a well oiled Scottish Piper, in full kit (although I did not check under his kilt) complete with Bagpipes. After 10 minutes of chatting and buying him a drink, he stood on the bar, and played the Welsh National Anthem on the bag pipes- he was AWESOME. The pub went wild, then he played Flower of Scotland, and I realised why he was so drunk, as every Scotsman in the pub wanted to buy him a drink...

So, technically, not really a win for me, but I did orchestrate it...

Saturday, 27 February 2010

A taste of things to come..?

Well, last night, a gang of us went out to see the Wales v. France match....Like the Welsh Team, we left it all a bit late, and the rush to get and eat food, which too longer to arrive, meant we had to dispatch a pile of curry, nan bread and rice in about 5 minutes flat (after getting rid of way too many bottle of wine...). Needless to say, the evening in the pub was puncuated by foul burps, which some were proud of....and the names of Menna Marsala, and Pashwari Prytherch making their way into, what will probably legendary names...

The Match was frustrating as hell to watch - how on earth did we get to be 0 - 20 at half time was beyond me. The pace was fast and furious, but the silly errors which meant that moves were not completed/executed in right way led to silly mistakes and incterception tries. The comeback was exciting, and after last weekends game against Scotland, there seem to be a genuine belief that once again we could turn the game around. However, despite, what I thought was the most amazing try, Shane Williams could not save the team, and the finishing score left me feeling frustrated that we did not have another 15 minutes left.

Dead impressed with the fitness levels...

Following the match, much merriment and laughter (and G&Ts) got us thinking about the final trip this year to Cardiff to see Italia - and after the way that they played against the Scots today, I hope that we dont give ourselves too much to do in the final quarter....

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Tour Challenge - Part 2 - Secret Saturday

Possibly the best idea we ever had...again, concieved on the long drive up to Scotland, where converstaion makes the mile go was decided that on Saturday, we all had to do something secret without any of the other know it and then declare what it was on the Sunday. This, let me tell you, is marvellous fun, and I think that I am on a payforward from last year as I got on TV to comment on what I thought of the match - even better, NONE of them believed me, until it was shown on the Welsh news on Monday night!! On Tour, it is quite difficult to sneak away and get up to shenannigens, as we are so stictly timetabled with events, so EJ decided to break the rules and not wear the matching underwear - and we all forgot to check (never again!) - what would you do?

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Tour Challenges - part 1

Tour Challenges....not only content with rules and regulations regarding behaviour and attire, but there are also the TOUR CHALLENGES - much like the BB events where housemates have to "do" something. These Tour Challenges are aimed at gaining more "points"...which is especially useful if you have transgressed in some way (like crying or going to bed early...).....

The first challenge is to "make 'em laugh" - and last year we all nearly had a fit laughing at AB's joke (loosely termed word here...) about a duck - please see previous photo of AB's attempt to get this right and I include her a photo of some of us laughing, at what - we are not quite sure.......

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Forfeitable Behaviour
Crying - Forfeit must be increased if crying is over a man...
Sleeping in pub - Sleeping can be deemed as “closing eyes”
Talking about work - Unless it is a funny event designed to make others laugh
Yawning - Not witnessed yawning is permitted as well as our new category of “excited yawning”….
Missing a round of drinks in your team
If you wish to miss an alcoholic drink and opt instead for a non-alcoholic one, you will be deemed an AN OLD LADY. As punishment you shall wear the carthen shawl for the next round.
Other transgressions
Handbag Trial
When the Kazoo blows handbag items must be produced within 2 minutes – you have to apply sticky lip gloss, put duck on your head, kiss the Blarney stone and talk bollocks for the next few minutes…
And say “to be sure, to be sure” in your best Irish accent – without being hit by an Irishman for being cheeky of course…
No throwing up due to excessive alcohol intake or scallops

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Here are some of the RULES

  • Forfeits – to be dished out by others for any of the following misdemeanours (at any time of the tour)

    Forfeits can be administered by any person on the tour to the rule breaker.
    Forfeits must be done in a positive manner without recourse
    Forfeits must be completed within 5 minutes of the transgression
    However, forfeits must not break the law (moral or criminal) and should not involve the following - Animals, Bush tucker trials…or something you would not do yourself

These are a mix of essential tour really, go to bed on an alka seltzer and Berocca and you will have no hangover. Vodak is an essential getting-ready-cocktail-mix...


Frustratingly, the blog I wrote yesterday (albeit at midnight) did not load, and I couldnt face re-writing - so must remember to save it this time...

The essence of the post was that our GOT has created 2 new off shoots following the fun and shenanigens of Dublin 2008 when Baby Sis was 40 - it made the Western, this year, we have the "Ciao Bella" Tour to Cardiff on the 20th March - to see the final match of the series, Wales v. Italy, and after the great excitment of the Scotland match, we are all hoping for a win!

it is also another 40th that weekend, so on the Friday night, we are all out in Tiger Tiger for a meal and a boogie, so if you see a large group, of loud, but extremely classy women, then that is probably us...

Friday, 19 February 2010

Haha! At last, have my own command of the web page instead of being deemed only a commentor by the now (but soon to be deposed??) Queen.

Watch out you sizters

Thursday, 18 February 2010

This is it! Our first blog.... Welcome to the "Girls on Tour! Rugby trips to remember........." blog, and boy, do we have some trips to remember! Calling all you girls who just like to go and watch a good game of rugby, support your country and, above all, have a good laugh. Four sisters, one game - and 12 months to recover, prepare and remember.

Let me introduce you to the sisters. Not young, but not too old. All respectable mothers with responsible jobs, mortgages and plenty of life experience. For one weekend a year, that is all forgetten. For one weekend, all that matters is the game. The rugby, of course, but also another game. Who will win Girl of the Tour, or GOT, as she is fondly known.

I hope you are intrigued and that I have whetted your appetite to find out more? But to continue, I must hand over this thread to The Organiser, the big sister, the one who writes out the rules...over to you!