Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Forfeitable Behaviour
Crying - Forfeit must be increased if crying is over a man...
Sleeping in pub - Sleeping can be deemed as “closing eyes”
Talking about work - Unless it is a funny event designed to make others laugh
Yawning - Not witnessed yawning is permitted as well as our new category of “excited yawning”….
Missing a round of drinks in your team
If you wish to miss an alcoholic drink and opt instead for a non-alcoholic one, you will be deemed an AN OLD LADY. As punishment you shall wear the carthen shawl for the next round.
Other transgressions
Handbag Trial
When the Kazoo blows handbag items must be produced within 2 minutes – you have to apply sticky lip gloss, put duck on your head, kiss the Blarney stone and talk bollocks for the next few minutes…
And say “to be sure, to be sure” in your best Irish accent – without being hit by an Irishman for being cheeky of course…
No throwing up due to excessive alcohol intake or scallops

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