Thursday, 18 February 2010

This is it! Our first blog.... Welcome to the "Girls on Tour! Rugby trips to remember........." blog, and boy, do we have some trips to remember! Calling all you girls who just like to go and watch a good game of rugby, support your country and, above all, have a good laugh. Four sisters, one game - and 12 months to recover, prepare and remember.

Let me introduce you to the sisters. Not young, but not too old. All respectable mothers with responsible jobs, mortgages and plenty of life experience. For one weekend a year, that is all forgetten. For one weekend, all that matters is the game. The rugby, of course, but also another game. Who will win Girl of the Tour, or GOT, as she is fondly known.

I hope you are intrigued and that I have whetted your appetite to find out more? But to continue, I must hand over this thread to The Organiser, the big sister, the one who writes out the rules...over to you!


  1. here we go, our very own blog site. I am not quite sure if the world is ready to know about the smart antics of the RACE girls. but hey, we might inspire other women to let their hair down - if only for once a year!

  2. The RULES...
    not quite like the dating rules, but more like guideline to the tour. As we say, the game only lasts 2 hours and the tour is normally 3 it helps with the fun. Also, you know how us women like to know what is going on when and where, what to wear and when we are going to this sorts that out too.
    The first tour to Scotland many years ago did not have THE RULES. Only 3 sisters went, and it came about following a silly night of forfits for doing things like know, it is hard being a working mother, rushing to pack and then travelling 8 hours in a car for a rugby match...anyway, I yawned, and my sisters dared me to walk down the stairs in a funny an extra drama student with a few drinks inside me...and thinking, what the heck, no-one knows me...I performed an over the top love in with the stairs...needless to say the other 2 nearly wet their pants, and so in honour of the night, we decided that yawaning then became a punishable offence....