Thursday, 25 February 2010

Tour Challenge - Part 2 - Secret Saturday

Possibly the best idea we ever had...again, concieved on the long drive up to Scotland, where converstaion makes the mile go was decided that on Saturday, we all had to do something secret without any of the other know it and then declare what it was on the Sunday. This, let me tell you, is marvellous fun, and I think that I am on a payforward from last year as I got on TV to comment on what I thought of the match - even better, NONE of them believed me, until it was shown on the Welsh news on Monday night!! On Tour, it is quite difficult to sneak away and get up to shenannigens, as we are so stictly timetabled with events, so EJ decided to break the rules and not wear the matching underwear - and we all forgot to check (never again!) - what would you do?


  1. That sounds like a hard one, will have to get my thinking cap on. I think you would notice before the Sunday of I streeked along the pitch!!!!!

  2. I still laugh at me working behind the bar at the Marriot in Dublin. How do we do!