Tuesday, 23 March 2010

the B57's

Part of going away relies on a wildness to abandon all rules of decorum that you would normally apply at "our age" - so drinking Cava at 10.30am seems reasonable, and still drinking at midnight is ok you know...The freedom to be headonistic every now and again is both liberating and mind blowingly funny. A perfect antidote to the control freakiness that we constrain and contain our normal everyday professional lives with. It almost seems like homeopathy, where a little bit of poison does you good.....

Aside from the mad drinking (mostly in duration rather than quantity) is the bursting bubble of happiness and laughter that also gets let out when we give ourselves space to be free (and here, the alcohol helps to loosen our inhibitions..). To laugh, to scream, to dance, to laugh some more, to spend time faffing with hair and make up and to be so utterly self-indulgent that there is a great big feel good factor.

Some of my fond memories of this last week belong with M Marsala, who didnt stop chatting (to anyone and everyone), who put the captial F into fun (all clean) and made us all laugh - who pinched her bra, shall we get some fanny dafs, mohito mixture made the night before, and the biggest suitcase that could have held the clothes for 3 people.....and finally the great singing and wild dancing - never again can I listed to "Dont stop believing" without smiling. Thanks M, you have made a lot of women v v happy....


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