Friday, 5 March 2010

Before Banter...

When I woke up this morning, it was running through my head all the jobs to do this weekend, the ferrying back and forth and general business which means no me time....but I have a skip in my step and a smile on my face as nothing can dampen my spirit with the thought of "just get through this weekend, because this time next week I will be in DUBLIN!!!"

Already the banter has started and I can tell that the magic of the tour has already began - the freedom to think of nothing other than yourself, dress yourself, what You want to eat and no housework, kids runs or food shopping.........

So, do you have you dress? Yes? No?

Items for your handbag - tick??

The emails are flying and poor EJ is getting the butt of the joke as last year she went out with her top on inside out (see photo! the black is the elastic band...but dancing without a care in the world...) EJ _ REMEMBER TO CHECK THE LABEL>......

Roll on friday...............x

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