Thursday, 4 March 2010

The Handbag Trial...

The Handbag trial is yet another source of great merriment...fiendishly designed to ensure that you stay focussed, no matter how messy the day gets, this trial is set by tasks and time.

Throughout the TOUR, GOT have to carry with them 4 items that have to be displayed and played within 2 minutes of the whistle blowing. The whistle can be blown by any member of the team at any time (always best to do this at moments when you think you can catch the others napping). The first year involved carrying in your bag random items (so that you cannot replace it should you lose it on the night out) - such as pencil sharpener, raw plug, etc. There then is some kind of animal - dragon, sheep...any shape, style, size....A completely mad item (one of the funniest was you had to bring a photo of your dream date!!) - on Cazwaz 40th it was a candle, which you had to light (so you needed a lighter too) and shout Happy Birthday - you would think that everyone would choose a birthday candle (see previous image), but no, we had some HUGE church candles, and some downright rude ones...

One of the main stays is the red lipstick...which has to be applied without a mirror....(or maybe applied by one person when they were hanging, which was very, very messy...)

This trial is especially taxing for one member of the team, who is unable to carry nearly-everything-she-might-need-or-cant-get-rid of. Both photos show this handbag....and mine (which is a perfect example of how to do it)

The purse by the way, is the "kitty"....!x

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