Wednesday, 10 March 2010

One more sleep.. ever, the final day seems to come around very quickly after feeling like it is months away. One more sleep and then we are off! Of course, this brings its own problems, as you blithy remember thinking that you have "loads of time" to get things together (I had forgotten euros...duh). But in reality, if you do not have all that you need today, then packing tonight will be too late as I am sure that there will be some kind of handbag trial first thing tomorrow morning. Passports to be found (and too late if you cant) and for us, final childcare arrangements, and that slight guilty feeling (is it one that only mother's get?) - will they be ok? Made worse this time as we shall all be away on Mother's Day - although, in fairness, you are supposed to treat you mam on that day, so maybe it is ok to be slightly hungover, eating full cooked breakfast in the hotel before going shopping for the day :)))

So, if you see 4 nutty females, all wearing red flag skirts, chatting across each other, wearing a rubber duck on their head and laughing like they are going to wet their pants...then it is probably us -come and say

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