Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Primarni and team identity

Team identity has long been researched as a means of motivation to exercise, increased self-efficacy and enhancing bonding within a group. Although much of this research is based on sporting teams - all wearing the same kit, identification with colour, supporters having access to the "same kit" as the team - there is little research into why us women do the same :))

But, since this was indeed a sporting weekend, much of the sport had was in creating our own "team" identity. Not only was this aimed at bonding our team together, but failure to join in would result in a penalty forfeit....and thus, our "KIT" was born - and it has to be said, it was great! We we laughed and laughed getting ready, seeing us all become one, the fun of looking the same and feeling good. Even funnier, was the fact that 8 such women caused such a stir walking down the street, with requests for photographs from both teams, and random firemen. Dares that were completed (riding a bike, having CPR, swapping clothing) were done with a smile and no grumpiness as we looked both fab and that we were having a good time, it became infectious...

Although much of the clothing was discussed and bought before the day, a chance trip early on Saturday morning to Primarni got us £1 red sunglasses and £1.50 flowers, which became the fondly called "Fanny Daffs" as they looked like you could wear them in the Garden of Eden instead of your fig leaf....


  • Red Underwear - Bra and knickers

  • Leggings - plain black or sequins...

  • Welsh Flag mini skirts (these were brill!)

  • Black or red top

  • Leather jacket

  • Red Sunnies

  • Fanny Daff

See the pic for the awesomeness combination.....

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  1. Great stuff! And I just remembered why I was doing market research - it was my forfeit for not wearing a red bra!! I love my mini skirt so much xxx