Friday, 19 March 2010

To the Diff...

Here we are again! Wow, this is what film stars must feel like with endless parties to go to! I am all packed and ready to go - ignoring the tiredness of course.

Some of the RULES for this tour are different. One being allowed to gossip (not allowed on GOT), two, not being allowed to go to the loo all the time (!!) - think this is because one girl does this a lot..., three, not talking about medical problems (we have a doctor with us) or fitness issues (with a Personal Trainer), no whinging about missing the children, and finally, no in-depth converstations that alienate the rest of the group - I kind of like this one. As women, we do like to discuss things at length for sure, but TOUR is not the place to do it, as the weekend is about fun, banter and bonding, and really, crying and navel gazing is a tad boring...

What are you up to this weekend? come on, share it!

See you all in Cardiff (or the Diff according to the teenage son...)

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