Monday, 8 March 2010

TO tan or not to tan?

As the date approaches, I am sure that the sisterz are in the act of "preparation"...this involves double checking you have all items for the handbag trial, the right clothes, euros, phone charged etc, and then the final bit - pretending that you really are a well organised, efficient, uber cool business woman who does not struggle to hold it all together. Part of this image involves being "well groomed". So AP will be plucking eyebrows, and all will be doing nails, getting hair (coloured, cut, blow dried...) and of course, pretending we spend our spare time at our villa in France...of course, none of this is true (apart from our sister who is the most amazing person to pluck eyebrows..) the hair dye will be from Morrisons and hastily applied this week to cover the genetic/hereditory white (not grey) hair, the MedPed will be done in the bedroom, and the fake tan is usually courtesy of Dove Dark (bloody marvellous stuff, but first coat needs to go on TONIGHT). IF, by any chance the tanning does not get done TONIGHT, then you can either follow EJ option of professional salon tan (bit too dark if you ask me...) or follow the hysterical photo one and apply the instant tan, without washing your hands of course, expertly applied in patchy bits be EJ....LOL - I so hope that there are some streaky moments..........................!! Bring on Friday xx

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