Monday, 1 March 2010

Why do girls stress about these things?

The TOUR away is always a great source of fun and merriment. In fact, there is a ripple feel-good effect throughout the year...starting with now, the planning stage, the converstations, the RULES, counting down the days, and planning what to pack. Now, it may be sexist to think about this, but I am sure that the men do not go into the details of what to pack, and more importantly, what to wear each day.....

So, what is it about this team mentality that encourages females to phone each other up and ask "What are you wearing?". Is it that we are behaving in a tribal manner and want to wear the team colours, or is that we are terrified of "wearing the WRONG thing"? Personally, I love the planning of what to wear, I love knowing what is expected at each point, so that I am prepared, and saved from the last minute panic of not knowing what to bring, so that I pack too much and have to lug it all the way there and all the way back....

This year, the Friday night is titled "DOLLY NIGHT" and I have been secretly giggling to myself for weeks about this. As someone who does loads of sport, I rarely get out of trainers, flip flops or flat shoes, so the chance to HAVE to doll up for the night (without feeling really self-conscious) is a treat! The outfit rules are that we have to have the highest heels (must remember to practice, as I walk like a man in drag...), big dangly earings, and ....a WIG (I kid you not). I have included a photo of the outfit I am wearing (told you I was organised..) but not the wig, which is to be a special surprise for the sizters...both my husband and son 3 think I look "weird" in it....Roll on the 12th of March - and if you are in Dublin and see me, come and say hello......xx

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