Monday, 31 January 2011

...I know you shouldn't laugh but...

...being stretchered off a pitch is a pretty clear indication of a serious rugby injury, and the reporting that Leigh Halfpenny "might now not make the game on Friday" made me snort my coffee........much like my sister who said that she had secured four tickets to see Italy but then realised that (given that they came from Dublin Bob) they were in fact four tickets to see Ireland play ....can you imagine!! haha!

This kind of gallow humour is necessary when supporting the Welsh team...and when you are going to be 50 next year and get up and look at yourself in the mirror..........

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sorry about the delay in posts, but we had people moving into the annex and have had to work like a slave! All done now and in bed listening to Andy Murrey and thinking that in 5 days time, Wales will be playing England at home! That is what I love about this time of the year - the promise and excitment about winning...doesnt matter what happend this year, it is all forgotten. It would be good if this could happen to relationships - just think, each spring you fall in love again, and there is spark and hope for the future...sometimes it is amazing, sometimes it is the same old thing...wonder what kind of love-in we will have with the Welsh team this year.....? x

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Well, here we are, back again and this year a NEW EXPERIENCE!!! a trip to the fab city of ROMA xx. Sister AP has been a magic angel and organised an amazing deal - which, in all fairness, means hanging around various airports to catch flights, but nothing too daunting for 4 sisters to sit around chatting and catching up on news....LOL! Also we seems to have 8 tickets for 4 of us... but hey, better than none AND our last Queen has even written the rules BEFORE the sisters meeting!!! How does this happen? Anyway, log in for the daily news and catch up on the gossip...................the SISTERS are on tour again :))))