Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The 7 P's...

...stands for Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor having a hubby with a stinking cold who cough and shuffled all night means that on the day of the tour I wake bleary eyed and with a sore throat too - thank Babes....

As an exercise teacher, I can tell you that the 7's P's are very important and that going into classes unprepared is a nightmare. Stress levels increase and you just dont enjoy it - and this is after 25 years of teaching - still prepare, still enjoy teaching.

As for the tour, the Rules were late and at 11pm last night I was trying deparately to make something vaugly resembling a "Necklace" out of pasta...cunningly cooking the spaghetti and wrapping in it oil and a plastic bag in the hope that it wont break (and having an uncooked one in a toothbrush holder just in case I broke the rules!!) all of which reminds me why I like to try and be organised as I feel somewhat frazzled on the start of the tour and only wanting to stay in bed with a box of tissues....let us hope that the Welsh Team have had better preparation than I have had, which aslo included a week from hell at work.

So,no 7's Ps, but guess what - 4 P's! And that makes all the difference. Four Prytherch girls on tour yet again - no doubt laughing enough to test the strength of any pelvic floor and having fun - that coupled with no doubt gob loads of Berocca (which will sort this cold out) will mean that 4 is sometimes better than 7.

Arrivaderci Baby x

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