Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The banter

Well, Scotland, despite missing the girly banter and shopping, was an awesome trip. Edinburgh is one cool city and I wish I could have stayed longer just to eat in a few more cafes/restaurant/bars.....

Stealing the show, was little boy - an avid rugby fan, he entered in to the spirit of things, and was up, fully kitted out and ready to go by 9am...bearing in mind that the KO was not till 5pm. So, we spent the day travelling on the open top bus, walking around and generally being stopped by an endless number of people who wanted a photo of "your cute boy" and if he got asked once, he got asked a thousand times, "so, who are you supporting then?" - this from both the Welsh and Scottish fans, which is some indication of the good humour and banter of a rugby match. There are not many city's you could take a 10yr old to, crammed with thousands of (drunken...) sports fans there to see their team win - and feel utterly safe. (see pic of him and the Welsh Ladies...he was mortified when they kissed him goodbye!).

The game, thank you, was a fairy tale of great sidesteps, goals kicked and the other team not making the most of having to play against 13 men. Ok, it was not an epic battle, and my blood pressure remained steady (thanks to a constant supply of cans of G&T -Brill idea!).

We sat amoungst Welshies, with their normal dry sense of humour...so when a small band of pipers (in full regalia) suddenly stood up and started blasting some Scottish tune loudly in my ear, a group of them stood up, turned their backs on the pitch and sang Delaila at full blast straight back at them...and then we scored....they stood up again...flower of Scotland (great tune)...and we got more points...and then one of them stood up and shouted "Oi, can you play again, cos everytime you do we score points...." LOL that is what is special about matches, which you dont get sitting at home watching telly - the banter.

PS However, at least if you are watching it on telly, hopefully you are not subjected to the beer farts.....................

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