Tuesday, 8 February 2011

the first tour of the season

Well, excitedly and unexpectedly, a new tour has emerged this year. As a mother of a mad-for-rugby 10yr old, his dispondent face each time we go to see a match resulted in us telling him last year, that in 2011 we would take him to Italy. Now, the sisters had also planned that trip and I was in a difficult situation, having to chose to go with husband and child, or sisters - even worse, to go with sisters knowing full well that husband and child were also in the city without me. However, Husband did not find magic deal that sister did and decided we wont be going......

So, little boy and I planned a secret surprise. We worked out how many extra classes I would need to teach to pay for trip...and then set about tickets. Only issue was, trying to stop workaholic husband to not go to work on Friday for no good reason...so in the end we told him yesterday, and he was typically underwhelemed, but then started saying we should have another night in a hotel on the way up,...so think he is quite keen really...

So, pack tonight and off tomorrow after classes - stay in Premier Inn on the way, eat all you can breakfast and off North - with a slight detour through the Lake District (and probably pub lunch). Fish restaurant on Friday evening and tour of the castle on Saturday morning before the match...home Sunday.

Funny thing is, there are no games, no rules, no dress code and I am not quite sure about it all...especially as the last time I went on tour with husband, he kindly fell asleep in the restaurant at 7pm on Saturday night...and I was left wide awake, all alone in the city of love............he'd better shape up this time!!

Anyway, little boy has enough energy for the both of us....let us hope that some of that rubs off on the Welsh Team too xx

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  1. Photo is of all children as well as mad-for-rugby 10yr old. It includes daughter of mine (2 Welsh caps) and the other beautful boys xx