Wednesday, 16 February 2011

it's begun....

ok, now getting quite excited when I realise that the main tour this year is about to begin...and I have never been soooo disorganised!! As a bit of a control freak, I like to know all details, so having a blank sheet with only 8 days before I leave for Roma is very stressful - what do I pack? What am I going to wear?? At least I have managed to get some tickets......phew

Now, why should clothes be so important? I am sure that Husband at home is rolling his eyes at this, but in all honesty, us girls like to make identity and knowing the dress code is an important part of this. Dont want to pack to much just-in-case-clothes, nor miss out on packing that will be needed (or worse, having to spend money buying something when you have it at home and you could be buying prosecco instead...)

So, I am looking forward to Sunday when all the sisters get together and set out the RULES>..this year, the Tour needs a name, so free bottle of bubbly to the best idea.....

Girls on Tour - Men in Skirts (well, my fantasy of Brad Pitt in his Greek gear is not far off a Roman Soldier...)
LOL - bring it on!

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