Thursday, 3 February 2011


...well, you read it here first...Hooky is at full back....wonder what other predictions I could make...

Ok..nervous excitement before the match...high hopes and expectation..the whistle goes and Wales holds its breath as SJ kicks it can go 2 ways....either a tight fought match, with some Shane magic...or a collapse..

As for the tour, there are many things that are predictable. 1. Est will ask for rocket at some point, Waz will be eyeballing the snackage and ALP will be getting us banned from somewhere no doubt, shouting you runts! haha and me, well I dont think I will be repeating the long blonde wig and high heels look - far too much attention...nor the "Lets have another bottle of rose" malarky...or even the try to put on red lipstick without a mirror (or let Waz do it) = I will the predictable bossy sister...or maybe not...after all it is the year of the Rabbit, when all things cute and furry now only clean stuff you know...BUT<>

Let us hope that the Welsh team follow suit and not be so predicatable with spreading the ball wide from one to side to the other, but maybe trying something a little daring and run straight at the *** - or maybe take a leaf out the Rabbits book and dig deep when times get tough, glare at them in the headlights and run rabbit run!

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