Sunday, 20 February 2011

The Queen decrees..

...finally, the rules have been brought together and it now feels like the tour can begin. As you all now know, I am a creature of habit and like to know what is going on where - although, when on holiday, my form of relaxing is not to have any rules at all even to the extent of getting to the destinatio with no accommodation, and I would hate to be stuck at the same resort for weeks on end... So, sometimes a leopard can change its spot, or maybe just wear its coat inside out...and it was exciting to see where the Queen was going to go with her new rules - and as you know, I thought that the gentle nature of the Queen would bring us a more civilised and well behaved year on tour...and so, thus it is.

Rule one - each day we are allowed to have a nap - anywhere anytime
Rule two - We have to each out once each day in a nice restaurant
Rule three - the Queen only has to have an alcohlic drink every other round...although we all have a get out card, this applied rule is quite different.
Rule four - we have to eat some rocket each day (you heard it hear first!)

Her handbag choice is a silk headscarf to be worn in the style of someone who would drive around in a small sports car in the 1950's

However, her extra point for prizes does include stadning on a table to sing "O sole mio" (or even just one cornetto) and dancing with an "Italian Stallion" (I hope it does not mean a horse...or if a man, how do we qualify his stallion like qualities...)

so maybe some spot changing after all...3 sleeps to go x

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