Sunday, 6 February 2011

Thr Rules

A game of sport is defined by the fact it has RULES - as opposed to just exercise, where you can happily workout to your hearts content. Rules help players focus on what is needed to win a competition. Rules can be about skill, safety or formation of teams - such as scrums, lineouts or how to kick off. Everyone should know the rules (even refs) although some will test the fringes of what is allowed, as cheating, can sometimes give you an advantage...but being caught cheating has major consequences.

It is thus, that the RULES of the Tour are most important. What time we meet, what to bring, what to wear, and the handbag trial. These help to focus the mind and winning means that all the rules are completed properly. Misconduct does not end in a yellow or red card (although that would be a good idea....) but forfeits. For example, yawning in public whislt on tour is frowned upon - are you not having fun ??!Is my company boring you? (the cheat here is called "excited yawning"...) You are not allowed to talk about work (unless it is really funny...) Even worse is crying...esp if it is over a man...

Forfeits for trangressions:
1. Forfeits can be administered by any member of the group
2. Forfeits must be completed immediately and done in good spirit
3. Forfeits must not break the law (criminal or moral)and should not involve the following - Animal Bushtucker trials..or something you would not do yourself..

In Sport, rules are not meant to be broken (unless the ref does not see it)

Bring on the Tour and let us see who will be playing by the Rules this year and who will be the loser.....xx

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