Friday, 18 February 2011

Time OUT

this week has been a week from hell - for various reasons....I have had to deal with endless complaints, niggles, not enough time AND a poorly child. Friday was a sigh of relief, and after training all I wanted to do was to go home and chill...but in the car, dear husband asks " so when exactly are you going to sort out GYM - you wont be here next weekend..." - blah blah blah...really, just a quiet night in would have been ok, but the relentless merry go round of jobs, people whinging and wondering how to split myself into many pieces is frankly quite exhausting..........Luckily in my head, I had the answer to "what will I be doing next weekend" LOL!!

It is without doubt that the accululative effect of a weekend of NO responsibility lasts far longer than the weekend itself. As a working mother, to have time off, where the only thing I have to get ready is me, is worth more than any therapy money can buy. Add to that the chance to sit and chat with sisters about any thing and everything, then nothing can be better...oh yes, being abroad means no phone calls, emails or any form of contact with the outside world. I can be a new person. A person who spends at least 30 minutes getting ready, someone who dresses up and wears high heels, someone who sips cocktails, eats fine food and goes to bed with all her make up on.

So whilst doing all the bloody miserable chores I have to complete this weekend, these images will be playing in my toilets at 9am = sipping latte on the piatza, bring ing tins of paint to be thrown = lunch in a chi chi restaurant, marking rugby pitches and cleaning men;s changing rooms (joy...) = high heels, tight jeans and assymetrical top with mega amount of whinge at me all you like you miserable buggers - this time next week I will be in Rome xxx

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