Monday, 7 February 2011

the trouble with tickets...

Of all the tours that we have been on, ticket trouble has always been a feature. Getting a ticket to a match seems like a dark art...about knowing the right person...but as I am now a member of the local RFC committee this should be a walk in the park....not so due to communication error that would have seen us going to watch Ireland so nearly lose to Italia last weekend.

In some ways, although the reason for the tour is the match, the fact is it is rarely that I have been in the stadium. Not anymore, and it is a blessed relief, beacuase as a Welshi, I want to say "I was there". This year could be different. Have 2 tickets already - but there are 4 of us. So, I have called in all my favours and emailed all my contacts to see what comes up - I quite believe in Karma, so what goes around, comes around....and hopefully I have been a good girl and will get the tickets in time...

Fingers crossed.........x

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