Tuesday, 1 February 2011

who will be who?

Today, the Welsh team will be announced ahead of the game on Friday (well, The English one is too, but dont know many of them, and so it is irrelevant to who is who). So, will Hooky be at full back? He must wonder about that label of being an "utility back" - able to do many jobs but never quite in the number 10 shirt that he so wants - maybe he was a woman in a previous life - adaptable, capable, talented, but sometimes feeling a bit short changed by life!!! LOL!

So far, the tension of this weekend is palpable - a make or break- if we win, we will go all the way, if we lose, it's all over....so typical Welsh passion....and I wish for the stability of an All Blacks team where you kind of know you are going to win...

So who is who - who will be in and more importantly, who will be Queen this year???

I am somewhat concerend that EJP is reigning Queen and has made the rules...wondering if we will be having to eat rocket sandwiches at high tea, do the Times crossword, listen to Radio 4 and go to bed early....however, I am hoping that the inner Queen that danced down the arrivals lounge in Any Winhouse wig, will be let loose...........

Which one will it be?

What team will turn up?

Who will be Queen?

Watch this space.........

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