Monday, 21 March 2011

Hopes and dashedness

Well, Saturday dawned with the smallest glimmer of hope that by some strange mathematically calculation Wales could still win the Championship. This did mean that Ireland would have to thrash England, and Wales beat France, but hey, sometimes strange things happen.....

Like when we were in Italy, we decided, that really it was a great idea to go out the night before the match and get very very drunk on grappa and large G&Ts. We stumbled across a bar with Jiffy and Graham Thomas, and then in the next bar, the Gareth Roberts (Welsh TV) and Gwyn Jones, and Colin what are the chances of bumping into such a collection of people in such as small place in such a large city? It made me believe that weird events could happen........

Hopes were raised when Ireland, in true mad style, whipped up a frenzy against an England side that seemed powerless to do anything to change the score. How we laughed, and calculated...27 points...BUT as baby sis pointed out at the other end of the 90 minutes, serves us right for laughing so hard...the Frenchies did us in. No wooden spoon at least but no feeling of satisfaction either.

Personally, I think that the stress of whatever happened between Shaun Edwards and Fergus affected them. At least it would have been good to have something to gossip about other than "no comment" from Warren...........

so, another year comes to and end - but not the end of these posts, as I still have some photos to load...if only I could find the camera x

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Tonight, at a quite fraught committee meeting, the topic of discussion was that of "dropping their heads" and it got me to wondering about self-confidence (or self-efficacy for you posh people) and how adversity affects us. So, why not reply to my question? Are you the kind of person who "digs deep" or are you a head dropper?

For me, it has to do with being if you p*** me off, watch out, I will be on the warpath, but if I think you may have a point I will retreat to my cave...

This tour to Rome was amazing, but it was tough for me because I had a sore throat, a bad knee/hip (fell...) wrong time of the month.... (Not funny with the toilets in the stadium...) and the most horrendous hangover you can imagine (on match day). So, ok, I can pretend to be optimistic, but in all reality, I was a bit of a grump - hence why I didn’t get to be Queen (even though I think I deserved it for such suffering...). However, none of us deserved it. No-one did anything wild. We were almost all subdued...with flashes of brilliance...

And finally, what of the Welsh Team - or maybe, what of the Irish? Will England have to face a team full of venom following their tough against them decision, or not? More importantly, will Wales face a French team out to prove their coach ("zay are all rhubbisch") and loss against Italy was a fluke - or a magic, self-coached-2-fingers-to-the management-team? I am hoping that the Irish get mad and get even, and the French have a crisis of confidence...or Wales play like they REALLY want it - all of which kind of sum me up - sometimes a tiger, sometimes a pussy cat...sometimes a Queen (Well, in the end we decided to share it between us because we were all pants, how about that for team work?)

PS, I would have displayed a photo of all of us with the crown, but the sister’s photos I took were all blurry due to my shakingtoxic hands....

Monday, 14 March 2011

Unlikely situations

Much of the talk this weekend was not about the magnificent win for Italy over France (bet that Peroni Village was rocking!!) but more about the wrong ball. Mikey Phillips controversial try was not a deliberate deception as it seemed that each separate person involved believed that all was well - and only the Irish were rightly annoyed (it may have been this that galvanised them to tackle with so much ferocity)
and thus, the try was awarded. Ireland could have won if they took their chances, but they did not and we did. So often the "rub of the green" has gone against us, that it is nice to see, for once, we had a bit of an unlikely situation that we-was-lucky!

Now, this Saturday was another meeting of an unlikely group of people, all drawn together for the rugby and a bit of hywl. We had some in depth conversations about friendships, how they are formed, how they are sustained, and how a doctor, an aerobics teacher, an accountant, an administrator, a class room assistant and nurse all get together and wear the flag skirts. Who cares. Sometimes the ball goes the wrong way and without realising it a a lucky situation happens. I am so glad, for what ever reason, that the circumstances brought together this group of friends. And with the dreadful scenes in Japan, we should be grateful for any happy circumstances that come our way. Be glad to be alive,, enjoy life to the full and hope that another set of lucky flukes come our way next weekend.....x

Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Build up

Th day before the match. The anticipation of a good game. The excitement of having a good day out with friends. These are the things that make Friday special.

Yesterday, I did a mini experiment of dressing with care, wearing the red underwear, the daff and going into work with the positive energy of match day. Waste of time. Wont be doing that again in a hurry! Started to giggle at some of the things and then just got depressed at how serious everything is at the moment. Never mind. Tomorrow is a another day and plans are afoot to go out with the Girls.

Although I do try not to boss people about too much, I just cant seem to help myself. So without much of a plan by 9pm last night I was texting and emailing to get us all together in the same place at the same time, all wearing our kit. NOW the excitement is here :)) who needs to pretend in work - Lol!

I only hope that the Welsh Team have the same feeling of excitement in the build up to their match against Ireland. I for one, have a feeling that they can pull this off. So, come on Wales, work is tough at the moment and I need some cheering up - give us a good game and plenty of hwyl to enjoy the weekend xx

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Th Blues

Normally, following an epic tour such as that one in Rome, I am on a high of happy feelings and warm glowings (and no, it is not the menopause) - but the current financial climate, additional work and lack of free time has got me down and think that it will be another 12 months till we go again. This is similar to coming home from holiday, and those few days back in work remembering it will be a long time again before a Margarita by the pool and a walk at sunset....instead the joys of emails, filing and phones ringing...

So, in honour of Baby Sis birthday today, I am going to the land of make believe and pretend I am off on tour. I will definitely be wearing the red underwear and daffodil. I shall be naughty - I will take the mick out of everyone today (they may think I am mad), I will laugh until my stomach hurts when someone tells a joke (this might be challenging) and I will take my time and have a coffee break (outside if possible) and not just sip it at my desk. Let me know if you can think of anything else I should be doing, or if you would like to join in the experiment. Reports will be back tomorrow....

And, with the next match looming, and Hooky, my fav of the moment, picked at 10, then maybe putting on a happy face is better than wondering around looking miserable

Friday, 4 March 2011

Dressing Up

Part of my dissertation 2 years ago involved a questionnaire about how we "present" ourselves to society. And, more importantly, do we "lie" about who we are by the way that we look/present ourselves to it is with much merriment I look back at the trip last weekend and laugh at what happens when you change clothes. For example, normal Romans, who no doubt would be wearing jeans and trainers, sometimes chose to act like what we would consider to be a "Roman" in full kit - skirt, helmet, sword and hairy legs. They stand about the ancient monuments and wait for tourists to want to have a photo with them and then ask for an exorbitant fee (luckily we had Business Woman AP, and no chance of doing us over...!)

The Welshies, as normal, display their love for their county by decking out in red - red scarves only for the smart boys, and full Welsh Lady outfit for others. The Italians, were also a mixture of understatement and then some nutters - my fav has to be the group of men dressed as Amadeus! What gets me is this - do the ones who dress up love rugby more? Because there is a slight underlying arrogance with the smartly dressed who seem to be saying "We are here for the RUGBY only"!

Finally, as a sporty chick, used to being in trainers, there is always an opportunity on tour to "dress up". This year, the theme was "Mad Men" so channelling 50's glamour - inc beehives and updos - both of which hurt, and made for frightful hair in the morning. However, on the night, I am sure that we looked fab. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of "presenting" a different side, and what is interesting is the way that others react to you - so maybe all that "social presentation" has something in it. Although I did present a face of lady like chic, I have to say that I let the side down badly by the end of the night, and the sisters have a hysterical photo of me doing a squat on a chair in heels and full get up....unfortunately, I do not have this pick, but when I do I promise to share it - just in case you thought I was a real LADY xxx

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Funny thing happened on the way to the forum...

...Rome, takes your breath away. To be surrounded by such ancient buildings in the middle of a bustling city is quite surreal. We did, of course, do all the tourist things, and went on an open topped bus to see the sights. Despite the sunny blue skies, Rome, was cold, really cold and our Holly Golightly scarves came in handy to keep your head worn and your hair in place (Kate, you would have had a mare with the windy dipping landing we had!).

We went to the Colosseum and wondered at the size of the building - how on earth did they do this without cranes, electricity and theodolites...? and in 8 years. At the end of building it, they had a party for 100 days *told you Rome was the place to go..! and during that time they killed 5,000 animals - such as lions, elephant and tigers. Nutters. But is says something of the psyche of those who live in Rome who think nothing of partying for near enough 3 months, nor for the way that they entertained themselves on watching violence.

This makes our 3 day tour seem tame. Yes, there was partying - till 3am most nights - and violence - but only that of aching stomach muscles, and nothing to do with the Rugby, which was pretty lame (although I have it on good authority that the Welsh team were given a beating on the pitch and were battered and bruised at the dinner). The tour guide said that killing beasts was similar to us going to watch sport these days. Personally, I would much prefer to see a crap game of rugby (and and ugly win) than a sport of a thousand years ago where 20,000 baying people would demand and vote to see others die (or does that sound too much like rugby?)

Tuesday, 1 March 2011


....sorry about the lack of posts, but I only now feel well enough to sit up and type. Yes, it was a tour of Epic proportions, and our worries that the last tour could never be beaten were unfounded...

Rome is an amazing city, and seeing the awesome buildings as well as having fun made this tour extra enjoyable. However, I have never in my life had such bad hangovers...and even now I think I still have it. I blame it on the Italians who have such a devil may care attitude to life - they drive fast, cross the road without looking and pour drinks without measures - never before have I had a half pint "shot" - I may never be able to drink sambucca again. I could not even stomach the smell of the Grappa (re-named "Crapper" due to its smell similar to sheep poo....) let alone down it. Mind you the anphetamine response it had on my sisters might make it worth considering for another time - especially since I was the only one with the hangover from hell.

So more stories to tell once I have caught up on some sleep, but the photo says it all