Friday, 4 March 2011

Dressing Up

Part of my dissertation 2 years ago involved a questionnaire about how we "present" ourselves to society. And, more importantly, do we "lie" about who we are by the way that we look/present ourselves to it is with much merriment I look back at the trip last weekend and laugh at what happens when you change clothes. For example, normal Romans, who no doubt would be wearing jeans and trainers, sometimes chose to act like what we would consider to be a "Roman" in full kit - skirt, helmet, sword and hairy legs. They stand about the ancient monuments and wait for tourists to want to have a photo with them and then ask for an exorbitant fee (luckily we had Business Woman AP, and no chance of doing us over...!)

The Welshies, as normal, display their love for their county by decking out in red - red scarves only for the smart boys, and full Welsh Lady outfit for others. The Italians, were also a mixture of understatement and then some nutters - my fav has to be the group of men dressed as Amadeus! What gets me is this - do the ones who dress up love rugby more? Because there is a slight underlying arrogance with the smartly dressed who seem to be saying "We are here for the RUGBY only"!

Finally, as a sporty chick, used to being in trainers, there is always an opportunity on tour to "dress up". This year, the theme was "Mad Men" so channelling 50's glamour - inc beehives and updos - both of which hurt, and made for frightful hair in the morning. However, on the night, I am sure that we looked fab. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of "presenting" a different side, and what is interesting is the way that others react to you - so maybe all that "social presentation" has something in it. Although I did present a face of lady like chic, I have to say that I let the side down badly by the end of the night, and the sisters have a hysterical photo of me doing a squat on a chair in heels and full get up....unfortunately, I do not have this pick, but when I do I promise to share it - just in case you thought I was a real LADY xxx

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