Tuesday, 1 March 2011


....sorry about the lack of posts, but I only now feel well enough to sit up and type. Yes, it was a tour of Epic proportions, and our worries that the last tour could never be beaten were unfounded...

Rome is an amazing city, and seeing the awesome buildings as well as having fun made this tour extra enjoyable. However, I have never in my life had such bad hangovers...and even now I think I still have it. I blame it on the Italians who have such a devil may care attitude to life - they drive fast, cross the road without looking and pour drinks without measures - never before have I had a half pint "shot" - I may never be able to drink sambucca again. I could not even stomach the smell of the Grappa (re-named "Crapper" due to its smell similar to sheep poo....) let alone down it. Mind you the anphetamine response it had on my sisters might make it worth considering for another time - especially since I was the only one with the hangover from hell.

So more stories to tell once I have caught up on some sleep, but the photo says it all


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