Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Th Blues

Normally, following an epic tour such as that one in Rome, I am on a high of happy feelings and warm glowings (and no, it is not the menopause) - but the current financial climate, additional work and lack of free time has got me down and think that it will be another 12 months till we go again. This is similar to coming home from holiday, and those few days back in work remembering it will be a long time again before a Margarita by the pool and a walk at sunset....instead the joys of emails, filing and phones ringing...

So, in honour of Baby Sis birthday today, I am going to the land of make believe and pretend I am off on tour. I will definitely be wearing the red underwear and daffodil. I shall be naughty - I will take the mick out of everyone today (they may think I am mad), I will laugh until my stomach hurts when someone tells a joke (this might be challenging) and I will take my time and have a coffee break (outside if possible) and not just sip it at my desk. Let me know if you can think of anything else I should be doing, or if you would like to join in the experiment. Reports will be back tomorrow....

And, with the next match looming, and Hooky, my fav of the moment, picked at 10, then maybe putting on a happy face is better than wondering around looking miserable

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