Monday, 14 March 2011

Unlikely situations

Much of the talk this weekend was not about the magnificent win for Italy over France (bet that Peroni Village was rocking!!) but more about the wrong ball. Mikey Phillips controversial try was not a deliberate deception as it seemed that each separate person involved believed that all was well - and only the Irish were rightly annoyed (it may have been this that galvanised them to tackle with so much ferocity)
and thus, the try was awarded. Ireland could have won if they took their chances, but they did not and we did. So often the "rub of the green" has gone against us, that it is nice to see, for once, we had a bit of an unlikely situation that we-was-lucky!

Now, this Saturday was another meeting of an unlikely group of people, all drawn together for the rugby and a bit of hywl. We had some in depth conversations about friendships, how they are formed, how they are sustained, and how a doctor, an aerobics teacher, an accountant, an administrator, a class room assistant and nurse all get together and wear the flag skirts. Who cares. Sometimes the ball goes the wrong way and without realising it a a lucky situation happens. I am so glad, for what ever reason, that the circumstances brought together this group of friends. And with the dreadful scenes in Japan, we should be grateful for any happy circumstances that come our way. Be glad to be alive,, enjoy life to the full and hope that another set of lucky flukes come our way next weekend.....x

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