Wednesday, 25 January 2012


My poor youngest son...he has an audacious talent for agressive sport, and a horrid determination to win and be the best. Can't think where he gets it all from...Much like my daughter, who's own determination has risen her talent to getting a Welsh cap at Students, a Blue Ribband, and twice playing Team Wales Touch Rugby - even now, despite a 2 year set back with neck problems, is still in the making for the next European Touch Championships....determination is so needed, because without that drive, it would be easy to give up, and say, bugger it, I will train tomorrow/whenitstopsraining/aftersupper etc etc etc...

BUT, as Evs will tell you, the thing I bang on about time and time again, is dont get injured! Well, you can do all the training, be determined, but if you are injured, you aint in the game. How frustrating it must be to be Rhys Priestland, D Lydiate or Gethin (often injured) Jenkins....?!

Looking after your body is vital to any sportsperson, rest, eat well, train hard. But don't skimp on any of them. Dont rest, you won't crap, you won't recover, train half heartedly and you wont make it.

Let this be today's lesson for the Girls on Tour. Last year in Rome, I had a bad knee, female probs, a stinking sore throat - it cost me the crown and worse than that, it made the others feel depressed, and their concern took their eye off the ball and didnt play hard enough.

So, with a mere month to go, I will be getting in the early nights now (but slowly adjusting to staying up later as we get closer - going to bed a 9.30pm is not really the done thing...), eat well and work my arse off in the gym - practicing the high kicks which will no doubt come in useful at somepoint on tour.

Hope you do the same ....let the games begin.....

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Dressing up..

As any self-respecting Welshie knows, showing your true colours on match day is to wear your heart on your sleeve. True, some get it better than others, but nonetheless, a match day in Wales is free licence to wear as many Welsh Flags, cowboi hats, scarves or dress up as a sheep/drgaon/welshlady.

What posesses Welsh people to do this is not quite clear - having travelled to all the Six Nations Games, I think only the Italians can match us. The Scots somehow look quite sexy in those kilts you know...and frankly, orange hair and big green hats do nothing for the Irish...and the English play it conservative, as if they are pretending that they are ONLY there to watch sport (they miss out me thinks).

So, this year brings a personal dilemma for me. First, my beloved Dragon skirt, which has been worn in all of the 6 Nations stadiums (apart from Twickers) is looking like me...showing its age. Now, do I go onto the "Gwlad" website (a mecca for all Welsh tat things...) and get another, or do I remember that I am acutally 50 this year, and maybe mini skirt and boots should be left to a younger age group (whilst dressing as a sheep might be acceptable, mutton dressing like lamb is not...)?

Suggestions please....personally, I would like to wear skinny jeans, boots and a red tunic, but I will mourn the loss of the fun of dressing up............

Sunday, 22 January 2012


In the papers this week, the Welsh Coach has said that he has picked Gavin (the chest) Henson for his potential, even if he was a bit "underdone". It is an interesting turn of phrase, that relates to a promise that former glories could be rediscovered, but the current package, is not quite ready.....

To get ready, they will test the Welsh Team with vigor. Freezing temps of -130C (willy protectors, ear protectors, and dont have sweaty feet cos you will stick to the floor) - and then hard punishment in the gym. First, the cold softens the muscles, and then someone straightens out their backs, before a punishing workout - and this is repeated 3 times a day. The results, as seen in the World Cup, awesome fitness, and hard bodies. Not only is the physicality of the week extreme, but in addition, there is the mindnumbing relentless pressure designed to "break the mind"......

And, much like word of the day (and WTF do they always say ...and much like God...argh!!), there is a similarity between this, and our own preparations for the day. Already, we are gathering items, making sure we have plenty of sleep now, getting fake tan, eyebrows done, outfits sorted...honestly, those boys have it easy....All they have to do is run around for 90 mins, where as we have to endure a 3 day event of drinking, laughing (must remember to do pelvic floor training...) and having fun. jeez.

So Warren, if you want any tips for match day preparation, come and see me....I am not at all underdone...x

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Fernily Enough.............

So, with an impending Hen Weekend planned in London for the Wales England game (surely the most contested and emotional of the lot???or maybe not this year ....It WILL be France/Wales....), then there might come some time to sit back and relax, so that the weekend passes in a haze of gentle enjoyment and fun.........................I think NOT!!

Do the sister reckon that the battle for the "Girl of the Tour" is off?? no chance. Last year, you may have heard, was quite controversial, with not one of the sisters making it to the final. Yes, Rome had its way with us...chewed us up, and spat us out. Whether it was the FREEZING "spring" weather, or the constant trips on the tour bus or the fact that E tried to get us to be more ladylike in our manner and our clothing...we for once, actually met people being more badly behaved than us. This included a very drunk TV presenter - who was actually commentating on the match THE NEXT DAY...and an ex-Wales and Lion player who obviously wanted some horizontal training...with anyone female...Personally, I blame Rhianna who decided that half pints of Sambucca were ok to drink............but that, as they say, is another story..

So, to the trials this year. Normally, the Queen gets to dictate what tasks have to be completed each day - so Rhianna decided that we had to drink half a pint of Guiness EVERY DAY (yep, including the Sunday...gag...) and then E said we had to have "rocket"! FML. what is going on. This year, we have decided that we now get to chose ONE thing each. Me, I am waiting to think about the most embarrasing thing but related to being in England that I can. I would say "drink G&T" but that would be a treat really...and hard to stop from morning to night. Maybe we have to sing Jerusalem in the Welsh..

Whatever, the fun comes from decided what is to be done, to look forward to a bit of time out from the humdrum of life. THAT is why Girls on Tour is SOOOO important.

Let the games begin.....x

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

it's on again

With nearly a year gone by since the last blog, it is time, once again, to bring to life the "Girls on Tour". 2012 brings a whole new event, as the weekend has been "hijacked" (in the nicest possible way) by the hen party of one Esther Fern Jenkins - youngest daughter of one of our RACE girls, known as Fern, with the unfortunate consequence of marrying one Phillip Woodland...yes, you heard it right, FERN WOODLAND....we couldn't have made it up. x

Whatever, I for one am immensely happy about the turn of events - much like Wazzlets 40th, this time we get to party with a group of 24 - and I get to do it all with my lovely daughter (although, I am sure she must be quite mortified by her "mam")...will we get into the papers again I wonder..??

so, with it being a henny weekend, there are of course secret rules and regulations as to what we are wearing, what we are doing and where we are going. Despite this, I am confident that the blog will provide insight, education and mirth for the uninitiated.

The biggest unfortunate turn of events, does not lie with the marrying of names ( I once knew a Veronica who married a Mr. Large...letters addressed to Mrs. V. Large...or a fitness instructor called Mrs Strong...and finally a Chinese student called, I. Pong or even the unfortunate Pan, who came to aerobics...with the surname of "Ting"...) but with my other half who blithely announced that although he is aware that we go away each year, he is, away (on some blasted ice somewhere). Pain in butt. Not because of his absence, but simply the lack of thought. Men.

Maybe Warren is considering a week in the Maldives, oh March, yes no problem...I doubt it. He has shown the audacity not only to include an unknown 19 year old in Harry, but to bring back the love him/hate him Gav (I loves him)...x

And as they say this year....LET THE GAMES BEGIN......!! x