Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Dressing up..

As any self-respecting Welshie knows, showing your true colours on match day is to wear your heart on your sleeve. True, some get it better than others, but nonetheless, a match day in Wales is free licence to wear as many Welsh Flags, cowboi hats, scarves or dress up as a sheep/drgaon/welshlady.

What posesses Welsh people to do this is not quite clear - having travelled to all the Six Nations Games, I think only the Italians can match us. The Scots somehow look quite sexy in those kilts you know...and frankly, orange hair and big green hats do nothing for the Irish...and the English play it conservative, as if they are pretending that they are ONLY there to watch sport (they miss out me thinks).

So, this year brings a personal dilemma for me. First, my beloved Dragon skirt, which has been worn in all of the 6 Nations stadiums (apart from Twickers) is looking like me...showing its age. Now, do I go onto the "Gwlad" website (a mecca for all Welsh tat things...) and get another, or do I remember that I am acutally 50 this year, and maybe mini skirt and boots should be left to a younger age group (whilst dressing as a sheep might be acceptable, mutton dressing like lamb is not...)?

Suggestions please....personally, I would like to wear skinny jeans, boots and a red tunic, but I will mourn the loss of the fun of dressing up............

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