Thursday, 19 January 2012

Fernily Enough.............

So, with an impending Hen Weekend planned in London for the Wales England game (surely the most contested and emotional of the lot???or maybe not this year ....It WILL be France/Wales....), then there might come some time to sit back and relax, so that the weekend passes in a haze of gentle enjoyment and fun.........................I think NOT!!

Do the sister reckon that the battle for the "Girl of the Tour" is off?? no chance. Last year, you may have heard, was quite controversial, with not one of the sisters making it to the final. Yes, Rome had its way with us...chewed us up, and spat us out. Whether it was the FREEZING "spring" weather, or the constant trips on the tour bus or the fact that E tried to get us to be more ladylike in our manner and our clothing...we for once, actually met people being more badly behaved than us. This included a very drunk TV presenter - who was actually commentating on the match THE NEXT DAY...and an ex-Wales and Lion player who obviously wanted some horizontal training...with anyone female...Personally, I blame Rhianna who decided that half pints of Sambucca were ok to drink............but that, as they say, is another story..

So, to the trials this year. Normally, the Queen gets to dictate what tasks have to be completed each day - so Rhianna decided that we had to drink half a pint of Guiness EVERY DAY (yep, including the Sunday...gag...) and then E said we had to have "rocket"! FML. what is going on. This year, we have decided that we now get to chose ONE thing each. Me, I am waiting to think about the most embarrasing thing but related to being in England that I can. I would say "drink G&T" but that would be a treat really...and hard to stop from morning to night. Maybe we have to sing Jerusalem in the Welsh..

Whatever, the fun comes from decided what is to be done, to look forward to a bit of time out from the humdrum of life. THAT is why Girls on Tour is SOOOO important.

Let the games begin.....x

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