Wednesday, 25 January 2012


My poor youngest son...he has an audacious talent for agressive sport, and a horrid determination to win and be the best. Can't think where he gets it all from...Much like my daughter, who's own determination has risen her talent to getting a Welsh cap at Students, a Blue Ribband, and twice playing Team Wales Touch Rugby - even now, despite a 2 year set back with neck problems, is still in the making for the next European Touch Championships....determination is so needed, because without that drive, it would be easy to give up, and say, bugger it, I will train tomorrow/whenitstopsraining/aftersupper etc etc etc...

BUT, as Evs will tell you, the thing I bang on about time and time again, is dont get injured! Well, you can do all the training, be determined, but if you are injured, you aint in the game. How frustrating it must be to be Rhys Priestland, D Lydiate or Gethin (often injured) Jenkins....?!

Looking after your body is vital to any sportsperson, rest, eat well, train hard. But don't skimp on any of them. Dont rest, you won't crap, you won't recover, train half heartedly and you wont make it.

Let this be today's lesson for the Girls on Tour. Last year in Rome, I had a bad knee, female probs, a stinking sore throat - it cost me the crown and worse than that, it made the others feel depressed, and their concern took their eye off the ball and didnt play hard enough.

So, with a mere month to go, I will be getting in the early nights now (but slowly adjusting to staying up later as we get closer - going to bed a 9.30pm is not really the done thing...), eat well and work my arse off in the gym - practicing the high kicks which will no doubt come in useful at somepoint on tour.

Hope you do the same ....let the games begin.....

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