Wednesday, 18 January 2012

it's on again

With nearly a year gone by since the last blog, it is time, once again, to bring to life the "Girls on Tour". 2012 brings a whole new event, as the weekend has been "hijacked" (in the nicest possible way) by the hen party of one Esther Fern Jenkins - youngest daughter of one of our RACE girls, known as Fern, with the unfortunate consequence of marrying one Phillip Woodland...yes, you heard it right, FERN WOODLAND....we couldn't have made it up. x

Whatever, I for one am immensely happy about the turn of events - much like Wazzlets 40th, this time we get to party with a group of 24 - and I get to do it all with my lovely daughter (although, I am sure she must be quite mortified by her "mam")...will we get into the papers again I wonder..??

so, with it being a henny weekend, there are of course secret rules and regulations as to what we are wearing, what we are doing and where we are going. Despite this, I am confident that the blog will provide insight, education and mirth for the uninitiated.

The biggest unfortunate turn of events, does not lie with the marrying of names ( I once knew a Veronica who married a Mr. Large...letters addressed to Mrs. V. Large...or a fitness instructor called Mrs Strong...and finally a Chinese student called, I. Pong or even the unfortunate Pan, who came to aerobics...with the surname of "Ting"...) but with my other half who blithely announced that although he is aware that we go away each year, he is, away (on some blasted ice somewhere). Pain in butt. Not because of his absence, but simply the lack of thought. Men.

Maybe Warren is considering a week in the Maldives, oh March, yes no problem...I doubt it. He has shown the audacity not only to include an unknown 19 year old in Harry, but to bring back the love him/hate him Gav (I loves him)...x

And as they say this year....LET THE GAMES BEGIN......!! x

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