Sunday, 19 February 2012

Living in the moment..

Sunday morning usually means rugby in our household, and today is no different. Junior rugby gives youngsters chance to play at being the stars of the future, and their confidence to "see" themselves as the new George North is delightful.

This morning, we have a home game, so a slightly later start which gives us opportunity for a good breakfast (pancakes for the boys and a guilty bacon bagel for me...) and a read of the papers. Today, an article in the Observer caught my eye about "living in the moment" and about how us humans are mostly concentrating on something else - having an internal dialouge whilst doing what we should be doing and not fully experiencing the moment we are in. For example: wolfing down your breakfast and thinking about the list of things to be done or fretting over something - but mainly not enjoying the food you are eating.....

Like many of you, I can relate to this, and constantly have a chatter in my head about I will try my best to take a deep breath, slow down and enjoy today rather than being rather cross (which I am!!!) because someone decided to show Evs how to do a spear tackle (!) and dropped him on his head/neck resulting in the poor boy crying last night and walking around in pain today. Those who know me will understand how angry I am, since it looks unlikely he will play and I am worried that it will be long lasting.

so, big test for me today, to live in the moment and enjoy a game of rugby on a sunny breezy Sunday and not fret about how much pain I want to cause the person who hurt my little boy.........and if I can do that, then nothing will get in my way this week...and I will be organised and enjoy the next this space!

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