Sunday, 5 February 2012

Match Day

In a shocking lack of diligence on my behalf to keep up with the blog, I apologise for the long spaces between postings. I have no excuse other than tiredness and seemingly on a treadmill of go-faster-life. Today, due to the cold snap, I am now in bed, enjoying a cup of tea instead of being on a bus with 3 Junior teams to play rugby at Newtown. Secretly, I would rather have been on the bus than enjoying the time off....

So, Match Day. Never feels right on a Sunday, and I wish that they would do "Super Saturday" every 6-Nations Weekend - much more fun for us watching, but I suppose that the TV companies require their pound of flesh and ship all their presenters/cameras to each location as opposed to having it all to be done in one afternoon.

Sunday morning is a time for chilling, walking on the beach and going for Sunday Lunch. Not today, today the first thing on my mind is THE MATCH. Hoping that all of the Welsh Team are fit, that they have a wicked game plan to contain the whrilling dervishes of the Irish Team. Not that I would wish ill on anyone, but I am happy that BOD is out of the equation, it seems to balance up the missing in our team. It worries me that injury is keeping the better players out, and how, after so many years, are we supposed to play without Shane???!!

To dress, there must be some red on my body somewhere. All jobs to be done by 3pm, and a glass of larger there ready to steady the nerves a little. I believe that Wales can win this today. I think Sam Warburton has that hard edge mentality, and will remember how fiercely they played to beat the Irish in the RWC. Th pundits are going for Ireland, based on their current form, but they forget the mix of the team that can still produce the magic.

At the start of the campaign, it is all to play for and the only important thing to remember is to win......let the game begin!

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