Thursday, 16 February 2012


FML, how come it is Thursday already? Thursday is a day of panic - the week is nearly over, and jobs still waiting to be done...are still waiting to be done, and then, tomorrow it is Friday and the weekend begins, where most people I know follow a different pattern of living. In my case, usually a round of sport - rugby training Friday night, Football game saturday morning and another game of rugby on Sunday - dont be fooled though...this is not me taking part but sitting on the sidelines shouting and getting cold...

More worrying for me is that the "date in Feb" which seemed ages away, is nearly upon us, and I know that I will be in a mad panic this time next week, uttering those same words "FML!!! It's Thursday already!!"

So, have read what I need to bring. check. but reading alone is not enough and certainly have failed miserably to find anything "Fern-like" so will have to redouble my efforts there. Then I am still in that dilemma of what to wear on match day. Guys will be rolling their eyes I know, but quite honestly, I need something I can wear all day and be comfy and be warm and be WELSH. The other dilemma is of course my decision that yes, being 50 this year has finally put a stop to me wearing the flag skirt. It's a bummer, but one I am not going back on. Then what to wear instead. Like the WRU hoodies, but at £40 i think that they are a tad expensive........

so, no doubt I will be worrying all week and not getting anywhere. Procrastination is the biggest thief of my time.

My daughter posted a funny quote on her site the other day, in relation to completing your PhD. Based on Newtons Third Law (for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction) it was for every action towards your thesis, there is an equal and opposite distraction. Cute! And, all too familiar. For every tour, there is an equal and opposite reaction to the amount of effort, so not too bothered about the stress this Thursday, or next, cos this time next week, on Friday morning at 7.30am, I will be the opposite of stress - having a good time giggling with the girls and not giving a flying F to what I wearing..................................

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  1. What you are giving up wearing the flag skirt! That is a crime - I'm not xx