Tuesday, 14 February 2012

what a game!

Despite my earlier protestations that I would be more diligent in my application to the dedication of bloggin, I have failed miserably, and can offer nothing other than extreme workload and stinking cold for excuses....

After a long and stressful journey to London, where they cancelled the train, but forgot to tell anyone, and then having the mother of all colds, with watering eyes and numb face whilst tramping around in minus 6 last weekend...I could feel no pain.....BUT, did get mightily excited to think that I would be back in the London town in a mere 2 weeks to watch Wales win the Triple Crown (!!!)

So, on Sunday, we came back a bit earlier than planned, switch off all phones and radios so that we would not see the score, and got home by 5pm to watch the match. The first half, I am honest, I thought Scotland were fab - I was worried. I thought it would be easy. However, I was won over by the quiet confidence of Wales, and thought that despite the injuries, we still could win - albeit not by the final margin!

And on to the next game. A week off and time to heal all wounds - and time, in my case, to get around to reading the blasted rules for this weekend...really, they can be confusing..but no, all I need is some kind of Fern, dress as a Welshie (not sure if they realised that half the party will be English as she is marrying an English boy - so, are the English dressing as Welshies???not sure here peeps, but will get back to you...) - so red white and green and a party dress for Friday. Fab. Daughter is getting pom poms, I need to get a photo. All easy.

Hope that Gats has such an easy preparation, and that beating the English is no problemo...(sorry in advance to any English girls on the hen weekend.....I have plenty of tissues for you...)


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