Thursday, 31 January 2013


With an early start this Friday morning (thanks to quilt-stealing-husband) my thoughts turn to next week and the excited anticipation that I will be up, dressed and ready for the 7.30am train to London!  Preparation is important, and I am also thinking of the Welsh Team, who today will be hoping that their preparation has also been as good as mine..... However, since watching many of the club matches of late, I do not have high hopes of winning anything other than a wooden spoon (!). A huge list of injuries, the annoyance of having 2 brilliant number 7s, and then an uncapped players in key positions does not make me feel easy. I like knowing that everything is in place and worries of a team that we have not tried out is affecting my enjoyment of looking forward to the game.  I will be watching nervously, through my fingers and hoping that Ireland are not on a mission to get us back for our last gasp win last year (!!). Although Wales did win the Grand Slam, it was by the most nail-biting wins...not only Ireland, but England too.  We seem to have a creaky line out and Ireland a whole bunch of big tall powerful men....thank goodness we are at home for this one!

On a more positive note, I am organised. I  know my team. I know that they will play hard and give their all. I cant wait for the fun to begin...oh if only I was in charge of the Welsh Team...

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Les Règles

 - or "The Rules" to me and you. No tour is complete without the full set of rules to guide us into naughtiness. The Rules lay out behaviour and guidance - so important things, such as, no sleeping in the pub ( think that was Esther in Edinburgh) and no crying...esp over men ...! they also force us sensible grown ups into derring do that would normally be tempered by more points for dancing on tables and getting the pub to sign, and losing points for yawning (although excited yawning is permitted) or failing to make every meal time...or round of drinks ...or looking like a dog in the morning. The one that always gets me and makes me laugh though is the getting ready on match day! Really! if you are a girl, then part of the fun is in getting ready, and to blow that and have to rush to be in the bar by midday in full kit (more on that tomorrow) is both stressful and hysterical...running down corridors and brushing hair as we go! Edinburgh spring to mind again although Italy was pretty epic too.

So - what rules do you have?  Do you think that being on tour is an excuse to be "free" - then let me enlighten you. Rules means fun. Rules means watching that others are not transgressing, and by getting extra points. This year, we are reinstating the "big girls blouse" - and item of clothing, chosen from a charity shop...large, pink, fluffy, bows, frills and anything else hideous to increase embarrassment (not mentioning the smell...) and then one has to don said garment on if missing a round of drinks....

As the days are dark - and in all fairness the hopes of Wales winning anything but the wooden spoon this year - then rules rule. Go on...make some of your own xx

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

And now the time is near...

...with almost 12 months since the last posting, it is a mere 10 days until we are off on tour again! And in the words on Mrs Brown, I can't frickin wait!! Gosh this weather has been doing my head in! What better way to get over the winter blues than to have a weekend of fun and laughter..:))

This year, it is back to the RACE girls alone, with the four of us off for a first trip ever to PARIS!  I am hoping that it will be as good as Rome (which was epic) and that we have as much fun as ever.

This year, there is much cussing and cursing about the handbag trial. Gone is the whistle, to be replaced by the words "Oh lala"  - not too bad, but then we have to a) put on a moustache...! b) get out our clove of garlic (are we off to Transylvania??) c) get out our cockerel (yes, I am sure that this will be shortened), d) put on our beret e) blown up our inflatable think there may be trouble ahead..............Bring on the games!!