Tuesday, 29 January 2013

And now the time is near...

...with almost 12 months since the last posting, it is a mere 10 days until we are off on tour again! And in the words on Mrs Brown, I can't frickin wait!! Gosh this weather has been doing my head in! What better way to get over the winter blues than to have a weekend of fun and laughter..:))

This year, it is back to the RACE girls alone, with the four of us off for a first trip ever to PARIS!  I am hoping that it will be as good as Rome (which was epic) and that we have as much fun as ever.

This year, there is much cussing and cursing about the handbag trial. Gone is the whistle, to be replaced by the words "Oh lala"  - not too bad, but then we have to a) put on a moustache...! b) get out our clove of garlic (are we off to Transylvania??) c) get out our cockerel (yes, I am sure that this will be shortened), d) put on our beret e) blown up our inflatable object....me think there may be trouble ahead..............Bring on the games!!

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