Thursday, 31 January 2013


With an early start this Friday morning (thanks to quilt-stealing-husband) my thoughts turn to next week and the excited anticipation that I will be up, dressed and ready for the 7.30am train to London!  Preparation is important, and I am also thinking of the Welsh Team, who today will be hoping that their preparation has also been as good as mine..... However, since watching many of the club matches of late, I do not have high hopes of winning anything other than a wooden spoon (!). A huge list of injuries, the annoyance of having 2 brilliant number 7s, and then an uncapped players in key positions does not make me feel easy. I like knowing that everything is in place and worries of a team that we have not tried out is affecting my enjoyment of looking forward to the game.  I will be watching nervously, through my fingers and hoping that Ireland are not on a mission to get us back for our last gasp win last year (!!). Although Wales did win the Grand Slam, it was by the most nail-biting wins...not only Ireland, but England too.  We seem to have a creaky line out and Ireland a whole bunch of big tall powerful men....thank goodness we are at home for this one!

On a more positive note, I am organised. I  know my team. I know that they will play hard and give their all. I cant wait for the fun to begin...oh if only I was in charge of the Welsh Team...

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