Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Last night, I finally got my hands on the tickets to the match! Always an exciting moment, as tickets are often elusive and seem to come by some dark art...

However, there are apparently loads of tickets to be had, and it is a sad state of affairs when this happens. It could be the economic downturn, the closeness of the Christmas bills, or even the state of Wales playing - I doubt that there would be tickets if Wales had won last weekend??!

Whatever...the thing is. there are only 2 more sleeps left to go and that is priceless. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am. Think 6yr old before Christmas...! I know people are being nice when they smile and say have a good time, but really, they have NO IDEA how funny my sisters can be.  Without a shadow of a doubt, the whole lot of them, professional women, with their own homes, businesses and all manner of scariness and simply the best. They constantly make fun of things, do mad stupid things all in order to make the others laugh. I do not know what I have done to deserve such a lovely family, but I really don't care. For sure the rules are there (to be broken?? very tempted the more I think about having to wear a DRESS to a rugby match WTF?) have fun and games and oneupmanship.

Please let the crap French team turn up and our boys be on fire. Please don't let there be a boring game of penalties. Please dont snow and be freezing (see earlier comment about DRESS) and Please Please Please let me laugh so much I nearly wee myself (just a little...) lol!! x

Monday, 4 February 2013


well y jiw, jiw who would have thought them Italian Stallions would take the French Boys to town?! Best game of the weekend for me - the Welsh game, was a true game of 2 halves and I only want to see them play like the second half from now on please!

So, with only 4 more sleeps left, I am getting a tad excited about our impending tour. A small pile of random items are piling up in the second bedroom ready for packing. A packet of moustaches...a cockrell and the Welsh Flag.  I have my list of rules, and all my clothes are clean, ironed and ready to go in the case. I have my hair booked and if only I could manage to get my eyebrows plucked I would truely be organised. I love being ahead of the game. This time last year I was all a fluster with stress at leaving, and the sense that the week came too quickly - never fear, because the minute I got on the train, all my worries went and we had a blast in London - and I highly recommend the London Welsh RFC as a great venue to watch the game if you cant get tickets (oh yes, and I got tickets!!)

I am crossing my fingers that the mood in the Welsh Camp is positive and not, as us Welshies can be, somewhat grey like the weather..I really hope that they chose Tipric, and keep Mikey Phillips but bring in James Hook. We are planning to wear our Red Dress to the game, and mine is a cracker!  I am missing 2 of my classes, which is a shame, but the extra day in Paris should be great and I am looking forward to it all.

With this in mind I leave you with the following images of past events with the joy and knowledge that I am going to have a good good time!!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Match Day

And so the Six Nations begins. Today, Wales kick off the 2013 competition as Grand Slam Winners with a home match in the magnificent Millennium Stadium at the capital city. The day is bright and dry. The roof will be open and all is set for a humdinger of a match.  For the next few weeks, each Saturday will be dedicated to rugby. It will be the talking point in the weeks between the matches, and indeed, the whole mood of the Nation will be decided by a win or a loss.

The first match is always so important. A win gives confidence and positive vibes. A loss, and there is a state of mourning...that lasts for days. I hate going to a match and watching Wales lose. For the few hours following it feels like someone has died :(( I think that is why we go to the pub and make merriment, to take our minds off things.  A win, and the world is a better place to live in...

So today, the big Irish forwards are out to seek revenge and find a fitting tribute to BOD who is surely in his last 6Nations. The Welsh young guns, products of academies and long apprenticeship since junior rugby at the age of 7, are out to prove the doubter wrong.

Whatever the outcome, rugby brings the community of Wales together - gives us a reason to talk to strangers, smile at other people in Welsh tops/mad nutty dress-ups and includes the whole family. A tribe of Welshness in honour of the game with a funny shaped ball.

Bring it on.....