Saturday, 2 February 2013

Match Day

And so the Six Nations begins. Today, Wales kick off the 2013 competition as Grand Slam Winners with a home match in the magnificent Millennium Stadium at the capital city. The day is bright and dry. The roof will be open and all is set for a humdinger of a match.  For the next few weeks, each Saturday will be dedicated to rugby. It will be the talking point in the weeks between the matches, and indeed, the whole mood of the Nation will be decided by a win or a loss.

The first match is always so important. A win gives confidence and positive vibes. A loss, and there is a state of mourning...that lasts for days. I hate going to a match and watching Wales lose. For the few hours following it feels like someone has died :(( I think that is why we go to the pub and make merriment, to take our minds off things.  A win, and the world is a better place to live in...

So today, the big Irish forwards are out to seek revenge and find a fitting tribute to BOD who is surely in his last 6Nations. The Welsh young guns, products of academies and long apprenticeship since junior rugby at the age of 7, are out to prove the doubter wrong.

Whatever the outcome, rugby brings the community of Wales together - gives us a reason to talk to strangers, smile at other people in Welsh tops/mad nutty dress-ups and includes the whole family. A tribe of Welshness in honour of the game with a funny shaped ball.

Bring it on.....

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